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Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Our mission: "Guided by the power of the Holy Spirit among us, we strive to renew and enliven our faith while listening and responding to the spiritual needs of our community."


A short Advent

This year Advent is as short as it can be:  the fourth week of Advent will be only one day long!  This means our three full Advent weeks will be challenging both individually and as a parish.  Schedules may be compressed and confusing---especially towards the end of the season.  On the weekend of Dec. 23 & 24, Saturday evening & Sunday morning are celebrated as the Fourth Sunday of Advent.  On that Sunday afternoon we begin the celebration of Christmas.  The Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Eve are the same day!


Planners everywhere have been looking at how to best accommodate this situation, especially clergy, musicians, and liturgical environment ministers.  Our most obvious change will be Sunday morning, Dec. 24 when we will have only one morning mass at at 9:30 a.m.  Watch your mail for a postcard which details times and dates.   Christmas decorating schedules will also be different.  Every change has been based on understanding the nature of both seasons, and how this pastoral situation might affect our lives as a spiritual community.  


We return to our Advent tradition of beginning each mass with the lighting of Advent candles and speaking aloud some phrases from the Advent scriptures.  This is a quiet, simple ritual which reminds us in a busy season about why we do what we do and that the coming of Jesus is at the heart of everything.  Be sure to arrive a bit early so you can get settled and gain the most from this important beginning to Advent masses.  

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