Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Our mission: "Guided by the power of the Holy Spirit among us, we strive to renew and enliven our faith while listening and responding to the spiritual needs of our community."


Christmas Masses
Masses on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24, are at 3:30, 5:30 and 10:00 PM. Mass on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, is at 10:00 AM. Liturgical ministers, please sign up here.


Christmas light recycling

In past years, the Green Team has offered bins at church to bring your broken or unwanted lights. This year we are passing on the information to you so we can all take part in caring  for God’s creation. 


First reuse. If you have working lights, someone else can benefit from them. 5 thrift stores in LS will take them: Goodwill, Hillcrest, Red Racks, LS Social Services,  and John Knox Thrift Store. 


If you have lights that are non-working, then its time to recycle.  Westlake Hardware, Lowe's,  and City Scrap Metal will take non-working Christmas lights for recycling. 


So, when decorating for Christmas, be mindful of God’s creation and use these drop off locations to keep lights from going into landfills.

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