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Adult Faith Formation


Programs/mini-courses/classes are offered throughout the year to adults and teens who would like to enrich their faith and their understanding of the Catholic Church. An Adult Faith Formation Committee meets regularly to plan for these events. New Committee members are always welcome


ANNULMENT: Deacon Rich Akins, 537-6990 x305

Sometimes a person enters into a marriage that subsequently fails and ends in divorce. Divorced Catholics may participate fully in the sacramental life of the church. However, if he or she decides to remarry, a declaration of nullity must be sought in order to allow the Catholic party to marry within the guidelines of the Catholic Church. This process is frequently referred to as “getting an annulment.” A person who enters a second marriage without an annulment is not free to receive the sacraments. To pursue an annulment in order to be married in the church or to have your current marriage blessed, please contact Deacon Rich Akins or Fr. Clary, who are available to assist people in this process. Naturally, privacy is always honored.


CATECHUMENATE (RCIA): Deacon Rich Akins, 537-6990 x305

The Catechumenate, or Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the preferred way for adults to be received into the Catholic Church. It is a slow and gentle process that allows people to learn about the faith and to prayerfully discern whether or not to join. It is for those who have never been baptized, as well as, for those who have been baptized in another Christian denomination. Members of the parish serve as sponsors and team members, helping people grow in their faith at their own pace. The actual sessions are held one evening a week in the meeting rooms.


MARRIAGE: Terry Brunetti, 537-6990 x382

Engaged couples should contact the parish office at least nine months prior to the planned wedding date. This allows sufficient time to complete the Marriage Preparation Process. It is expected that at least one person is a registered and active member of the parish. Weddings are usually celebrated on either Friday or Saturday, although they may be scheduled on other days when the circumstances require it. A detailed book with information on marriage policies and procedures is available at the time of the first visit with the priest or deacon.



Several study and sharing groups currently exist in the parish and may be open to more members. Please call Ann Hayles for more information. Additionally, we would be happy to assist any group of friends or neighbors who would like to start a scripture group.


VOCATIONS COMMITTEE: Tommy Jewitt, 816-537-6104

All of us are called by God to assist in the building up of the Church. The function of the Vocations Committee is to encourage all parishioners to be attentive to their vocation and especially to support and assist those who might be called to the Priesthood or Religious Life.

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